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“All that we need is deep inside us waiting to be discovered.”

Tai Chi & Qigong Instruction

How do you move through the world?

Not easy to answer, right?

I would like to assist you with that, or at least get you thinking about it.

How do you quiet your mind?

Is that even possible?

I have some ideas on that also. 

If those kinds of questions don’t rouse your soul, if maybe they seem too daunting in scope, perhaps think instead of what I, as a practitioner and student of Tai Chi, Qigong, and a former Acupuncturist, do with my students in specific terms.

Robin Rosario

This morning when I was putting on my pants, standing on one leg, I was thanking you,” says a 79-year-old woman who is a faithful attendee of my classes.

That example might elicit a knowing chuckle, but let’s break it down on a serious level. There is a combination of mental and physical strength required to stand on one leg. It calls for balance, determination, focus. Implicit in the woman’s statement is also the suggestion that it hasn’t always been the case that she could perform this seemingly simple act in her daily life.

This an application of the principles I teach. It could manifest in a morning task, while playing a musical instrument, sitting at the computer, chasing after a toddler or running a 5K. Or it could show itself in the energy you have because you aren’t spending your days gripping your muscles or holding unwanted tension. Instead you are gaining awareness to transform those old patterns.

I encourage people to check in with themselves regularly and notice their holding and gripping patterns. The more aware you become, the more you realize you’re doing it.

To get some insight into me, a self-proclaimed phoenix and late bloomer, here is a glimpse of me at age 19: severe back problems for years and told by a doctor it was a degenerative disease and only going to get worse. Because of the severe back problems, I was referred to an acupuncturist, a man who was a nerdy, Buddy Holly lookalike. Acupuncture was still in its infancy and wasn’t mainstream, so it was a risk I opted to take. Three treatments later, I was 90 percent better. My acupuncturist recommended that I study Tai Chi and it would change my life.

Thus began my journey into Tai Chi. I began in 1973 by studying Yang Style Tai Chi and Sil Lum Kung Fu. In 1979 I met my teacher Larry Johnson, whom I continue to study with to this day. Under his watchful eye I have studied Wu Style Tai Chi, Hua Shan Daoist Qigong, 18 Buddha Hands Qigong and Choy Lee Fut Kung Fu. Larry’s willingness to share his wisdom and infectious inspirational energy with me has been invaluable. I am very grateful for his dedication to his teaching and training.

Tai Chi taught me how to learn. This is something I say often. Moving slowly takes us into an entirely new realm. When do we ever move slowly? The nature of our culture is to go fast and multi-task. In Tai Chi we slow everything down. We learn to move more gracefully; learn to move more fluidly; learn to be curious; learn to feel. In order to do this our minds must change. Moving slowly allows to us the time to savor the nuances that occur. I apply these principles of Tai Chi to everything in my life.

I am passionate about Tai Chi, Qigong and Chinese Health Exercises and the remarkable gifts they have imparted to me. I am and hope to forever be a student of these arts. Part of being a good student is eventually teaching. Teaching is also learning. As a student here’s what I’d like you to bring along to optimize learning: an open mind. I’m sure many of you have heard the expression of having a “beginner’s mind.” What does this really mean? In my personal experience it means that I’m in a state of wonder and curiosity. It means that I am ready to receive. These practices are about awareness. Awareness is the key to so many things. I hope you join me on this path so that we can unlock many mysteries.


What people are saying…

From the moment I met Robin she was so welcoming, gentle and graceful but with such inner power that I knew she had a lot to teach me. I was already on the Qigong path but the style of Robin’s teaching is very supportive and motivating.  She has the ability to deliver constructive criticism in the most positive way. Robin has brought me into the Tai Chi world as well as our Qigong practice and my 63 year old body has the most benefit!!

Betsy R.

“Robin Rosario is not simply a Tai Chi instructor, but a natural healer. She is personally devoted to the healing power of Tai Chi and Qi Gong, and brings this devotion into her classes and personal instruction. Robin focuses on each student to understand how the practice can help that individual physically and spiritually. She is keenly interested in the transformative power of Tai Chi and dedicates her sensitivity and intellect to enabling each student to become personally in contact with the self-healing that Tai Chi can bring. Robin teaches a physical form of grace and beauty, which also instills the mind with a peaceful focus and awakens an inner strength of hidden power and resilience.”
Sharon A.

“My profession is not a forgiving one and as a late-bloomer in my mid 30’s, I knew I was born to do it. Teaching 5th grade requires that I be ‘on-the-spot’ not only in mind, but spirit AND body. Robin Rosario has a gift of drawing connections to body, mind and spirit that you can access anywhere, anytime, at any level of personal performance. As we travel our own pathways daily, it’s sometimes difficult to remember our ‘connected-ness’ to others, in the way that we are to ourselves. Robin’s instructional methods and teaching style imparts an ageless wisdom that provides access; to ourselves and others in full, healthy, mindful relationship.

Robin Rosario is a phoenix of many paradigms. Her instruction is something extra-ordinary and fulfilling to the human experience. I recommend everyone and anyone take advantage of her decades of martial arts offerings.”

Byron D.

“Your Tai Chi class has been wonderful for my balance and especially my brain. At the end of class I feel as if I have been concentrating on something new and difficult for an hour; just what the brain doctor ordered. I like the way you have included the Chinese terms for our moves like Single Whip, Grasping the Bird’s Tail, Repulsing the Monkey and the way we sometimes look like Bruce Lee (sort of). I really like the way we close class and say goodbye to each other with our hands making the symbol for the Sun and Moon.”
Jane S.

Student, 83 years young

“Robin is a rare and beautiful being, who, lucky for her students, happens to be a teacher. She is a gifted and active listener, committed to questioning her assumptions. The result: a skilled observer who is able to empower students based on their expressed and unexpressed needs. I learned more than Tai Chi from Robin.”
Robin F.

“Robin has been training in traditional Chinese martial arts for most of her adult life. This dedication to practice shows in her own training and in her ability to transmit complex theories in a simple, direct manner that makes these concepts accessible to beginners and deepens the understanding of advanced practitioners. She is an excellent teacher who is compassionate and yet never sacrifices her own commitment to the highest levels of practice in order to encourage her students. In addition to her own body of martial arts knowledge, Robin’s ability to make the sometimes esoteric concepts and theories of qi gong practice and techniques down to earth and easy to comprehend. Robin is a living example of the benefits of qigong practice as she has used it to recover from cancer and continue to have a healthy life.”
Laurie C.

“I met Robin Rosario in the summer of 1982 in Redwood Park, where she trained me in Choy Li Fut. With Robin’s decades of experience in Tai Chi, Qigong, Acupuncture, Acupressure, and with her truly “ magical touch” she recently eliminated chronic post-op pain from my right hip. She has restored my health in so many ways it would take pages to describe. She is always training with her teacher Larry Johnson, always learning, always sharing, always encouraging you to be better. She is a treasure that I hope will always be in my life.”

Brian H.

“Robin has extraordinary emotional intelligence. Her innate understanding of people’s unique makeup makes her a safe, joyful teacher. An hour with Robin is like a dual infusion of calm and zest for life.”
Nicole P.

“Robin is a very patient and meticulous instructor. Despite your level of tai chi, she always provides insightful and meaningful instruction. I attend her Rockridge class on Mondays so I may be privileged with a small class but as the class has grown, she has seamlessly devised alternative ways to make use of the precious hour we have with her in class.

In general, tai chi has been enlightening and strengthening for me. I have tried a number of other classes (yoga, bikram, spin, cross fit) and always lost steam after a few weeks. The emphasis of consciousness on body position and movement has struck a cord with me.”

Joy O.

“Bellevue’s Tai Chi teacher, Robin Rosario, is wonderful! For over 30 years, she has promoted healthy living from the inside out through practices that are fun and renewing. Robin is passionate about Tai Chi and all its ‘meditation in motion’ benefits. I am a beginner with no prior Tai Chi experience and have mobility issues. After just 9 classes, my balance, strength, cognitive processing and stress level are all markedly improved. Robin has an enthusiastic and detailed teaching style combined with excellent communication skills. She is encouraging and supportive which makes every class so enjoyable. I am grateful to have such a teacher available our club. It is amazing how one class can make such a positive impact on your everyday life. Thank you Robin!”
Connie H.

“Robin Rosario is an excellent teacher of Tai Chi. She is very organized, thorough and practical in her classroom approach. She has a wealth of experience in Tai Chi both as a teacher and as a student, and an infectious enthusiasm for the discipline. She is patient with her students, gives clear demonstrations of movements, and communicates well with sly touches of humor when appropriate. Even when the movements are physically demanding she maintains an even flow and pace, and really takes time to coach, correct and encourage individual students as needed. All in all, her classes are truly excellent and inspirational. I highly recommend Robin Rosario’s classes to anyone wishing to learn Tai Chi.”
Dave B.

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