A common problem for beginners in Tai Chi is over-extending. It is easy to over-extend your head,  arms, legs and energy. This results in losing your arcs and circles. Losing arcs and circles contributes to locked joints and tense muscles. When your joints are locked and your muscles are tense then energy cannot flow. Think of the polarity of each movement. If you are raising your arm you might think of your shoulder as a water wheel. Like a tire, if one side moves so does the other side. In Tai Chi there is a classic saying that says, “If there is an up, there is a down”. This can be interpreted on many levels both physically and energetically but a good place to start is to think of this concept with each movement in Tai Chi. When you can connect both sides you will naturally have better alignment and will become more aware of when you are over-extending. Once you become aware then you can slowly change it. These changes take time to develop. Enjoy the ride!!

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