Happy Spring Equinox!!! I personally love the transition from the stillness and quiet of winter to the blossoming of spring. In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) five elements theory, springtime is a time of movement, renewal and new beginnings; a time of growth and cleansing. We see it in nature as flowers start to bloom and the deciduous trees leaf out again after the still of winter. The change of the season is not only reflected in nature but also in ourselves. Yang is beginning to rise as the days grow longer. We may feel a sense of blossoming by wanting to spend more time outside, begin new projects, plant a garden, start spring cleaning and connect more socially.
In TCM Spring is associated with the Liver, the Wood element, the direction east, wind and the color green. The liver and liver energy is especially vulnerable to imbalances during this time. Liver qi stagnation can lead to a variety of problems such as headaches, depression, anger, irritability, problems with tendons and ligaments and possibly digestive issues. Conversely, long periods of stress and anxiety can cause liver qi stagnation.
Here are a few ideas to keep us healthy and happy during this transition time:
Practice Tai Chi and Qigong
Move our bodies, enjoy walks near the ocean or in the redwoods.
Take a bike ride.
Drink some dandelion tea
Eat well and include lightly cooked greens, radishes and quinoa.
Organize and declutter your space.
Take care of unresolved conflicts.
Enjoy life!!!
Photo by Kristina Paukshtite on Pexels