We begin our life with a first breath and end it with a final breath – but what about all the breaths in between these pivotal events? How can we use breathing to make dramatic changes to our health and vitality? How can such a simple act as breathing bring profound and lasting health benefits? Breathing is the most automatic thing we do but it is one of our most overlooked resources.

“Qigong” means to study and train ourselves to cultivate vitality and energy. Qigong breathing differs from our normal day to day breathing, as we put use our intention and attention to coordinating our breath and movement with our minds.

Often, when we exercise at the gym or engage in team sports our interior landscape is often ignored. Qigong enables us to develop an awareness of our inner selves: bodies and minds. In Qigong and Chinese health exercises the goal is to be relaxed and active simultaneously. With regular practice of Qigong we incorporate our new skills into our daily lives. We breathe differently and are better able to access our quiet mind. Studies show that Qigong practice can promote healing and all kinds of wonderful health benefits, both physical and emotional.

Often students ask the “Why” question: “Why does Qigong work?” My honest answer is I cannot tell you “why” it works, but I trust in the practice because of my direct experience and through observing profound changes in my students. The better I feel the more I want to practice and the more I practice the better I feel. All I can say is “Qigong rocks”.