Tai Chi has taught me how to learn. I say this often. When I was young I was not a very good student. My mind was very active and it was often difficult to concentrate. I started studying Tai Chi at 19 not knowing what I was embarking on. When I was young, I used to feel ashamed when learning something new if I didn’t know an answer or wasn’t good at something right away. Tai Chi has taught me that not only is there is no shame in learning but that learning is where its at!!! I’m sure you all know that Zen proverb about emptying your cup. We cannot learn if we “think” we know something. My Tai Chi teacher has said to me many times over the years, “If you think you know something, you better come and see me”. Every time he says that it makes me smile and it is also true because when I see him I am always amazed by learning some new morsel that I hadn’t been aware of before. Tai Chi has lead me to be curious. It is such a subtle art and in order to learn its gifts and treasures we listen and see and feel in a very different way. Now when I learn something new I apply the same principles I use in Tai Chi to whatever it is I want to learn. It is not the destination but the journey that is important. I would love if you would share what are some of the lessons you have learned from studying Tai Chi?

Photo by Alisher Sharip on Unsplash